Give Me 30 Minutes And I'll Help You Repair Dry, Frizzy Hair

Video Highlights
00:10 - What your hair needs to repair damage from blow-drying and coloring
00:17 - "Secret" Mediterranean countries have used for centuries
00:28 - How to notice shiny, radiant and thicker hair
00:38 - How much hair treatment to apply
00:58 - Ways to ensure everything is mess-free
01:06 - The part of your hair to focus on first
01:41 - Getting rid of "itchy scalp" during the fall and winter months
01:50 - What to do last to prevent and eliminate split ends
01:59 - How to focus on drier parts of your hair
02:15 - Why it's crucial you apply shampoo before wetting hair
02:44 - Before/After using the Hair Mask


The Avocado Coconut Rosemary Oil - Hair Mask is a hair treatment that helps to strengthen your hair and promote fast and healthy hair growth.

Avocado and Coconut Oil are packed with fatty acids and proteins to repair dry, frizzy hair and to keep it moisturized from blow-drying, coloring, and everyday use of shampoos.

The secret to this hair mask is the Rosemary Oil, which has been used in Mediterranean countries for centuries to stimulate the hair follicles into producing new hair growth. You’ll notice shiny, radiant and thicker hair when used on a regular basis.

Avocado Coconut Rosemary Oil Hair Mask


First, you want to take your Avocado, Coconut, Rosemary Oil - Hair Mask and take out a generous amount. This, of course, depends on the length of your hair, but one to two tablespoons is a good amount. Note: Depending on the climate you live in or the season, this can be liquid or solid because of the Coconut Oil it contains. Coconut Oil is a solid below 76° and liquid above.

 So now I have about two large tablespoons in this bowl and I’m going to heat it up so it’s completely liquid.

hair mask

The next thing you want to do is drape yourself with a tool so you don’t get the hair mask all over your clothes. I like to secure mine with a clip.


no mess hair mask


Now, I can simply start by applying the liquid oil onto your scalp. You can either just dip your fingers in it and do it, or simply use a useful tool like this one and dip it in and soak up some of the oil.
And now I’m applying it straight onto my scalp. You want to make sure your hair is completely saturated in the oil, so definitely be generous with it. Really take your time massaging it into the scalp. 

So now that my scalp is covered in the oil, I’m going to continue with the midsection all the way to the ends. 

apply hair mask to scalp 


I absolutely love this hair mask especially for the colder fall and winter months like now when  my scalp tends to get really dry and itchy.

Now I’m really paying attention to the ends of my hair because this hair mask is really great with preventing split ends. 

dry section of hair

 If any of your hair sections tend to get a little more dry, like mine right here, for example, just focus a little more on it and just add more of the hair treatment. 
Now that I’ve saturated my hair completely with the hair mask, I’m going to leave it in for a minimum of one hour and then when it’s time to rinse it out, I like to apply the shampoo onto my hair before I wet it. This way it with lather a little bit and then once you add water it lathers some more and then when you rinse it out it will take away all of the oils with it.
rinse hair mask with shampoo


So this is how my hair looks after rinsing out the hair treatment. It feels amazing, it feels so nourished and strong. I can even tell that it’s hydrated all the way down to the ends. 

repair dry frizzy hair after photo

And now it’s so easy to brush through, it’s like silk. It’s just amazing! If you want healthy, shiny hair like this too, make sure to get your jar of the Avocado Coconut Rosemary Oil - Hair Mask


repair dry frizzy hair

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