About Us - Our Story


It started in the 90s in Europe

A healthy lifestyle was never out of question. Owner of Aviva Pure, Gabrielle Utz, is a true health advocate since more than 30 years. It started back in the 90s, when nobody was talking about organic and healthy products in the USA, when she published books about organic and healthy living for a publisher in Germany. For example, one book addressed children and teenager and educated them in a very easy and understandable way, how a healthy lifestyle is actually possible. How nutrition can be changed, and how simple recipes can make a difference.
And what about the beauty field? When nobody was talking about homemade creams and shampoos, Gabrielle made her own cosmetic from organic and all natural ingredients without Internet and Facebook. Already at that time Gabrielle was following one philosophy:

The Lesser Ingredients - The Better A Product Will Be

The Birth of Aviva Pure

While Europe was heading already in the 80s and 90s towards an organic way of life by avoiding harmful chemicals in beauty and food products,  the USA was still asleep. But also in the USA the organic trend was unstoppable. That was the time when Gabrielle relocated to the USA.

It was noticeable to her that Europe had the lead in organic food and beauty products. But she also noticed that more and more health conscious people were looking for the same natural and organic products in the USA. Especially in the beauty and personal care field. Paraben and GMO free beauty products were needed and wanted.

To search and find healthy choices was and still is always the most important part in Gabrielle's life.  This brought her find out more about the incredible health benefits of COCONUT OIL - It is indeed one of the the most important healthy ingredients available on the market. 

The search for healthy options made Gabrielle find Aviva Pure, an online shop that was looking for a new owner. Founded in 2014 Aviva Pure was already a leading brand for unique and excellent organic beauty products -  One of them is Cocopull™, an oil pulling product with coconut oil and peppermint oil (USDA certified). This was exactly the product Gabrielle was looking for, and the beauty coconut oil that is especially made to nourish skin and body!

Gabrielle found out that many people were intrigued with the thought of organic oils for beauty without any added chemicals.

The Beauty Coconut Oil and Cocopull™ of Aviva Pure were very surprising to her because of the positive results on beauty and health.
Gabrielle and her husband became the new owners of Aviva Pure - It was the right time to start something new and exciting. Not just a business, something that can make a difference in people's life's.

AVIVA”: Symbolizes Springtime or renewal; new growth, or new life being born. Spring is the time of year we are open to inviting change - both small and big - into our lives.

PURE" : Found in nature in its elemental form. Completely free from contamination or extraneous elements.

Aviva Pure products are and will be forever truly all-natural and/or organic beauty products in their purest form with 100 percent transparency of every ingredient.

The Lesser the Ingredients - The Better The Product Will Be

This refers to all Aviva Pure product collections. It means the beauty products have no artificial substances, harmful chemicals, dyes, artificial scents and flavors, paraben, sulfates or silicone.
With Gabrielle's own words:
"As passionate health advocates we are against GMO products as we consider them as dangerous for any living organism.
The same with animal testing. No animals shall suffer because of beauty!"

The main attention is on using 100% Non-Gmo and cruelty free ingredients.

We hope you enjoy the Natural and Organic Aviva Pure beauty products as much as we do. We really love them as they make a big difference.