10 Ways to Prepare Skin for Spring Weather


With the warmth of spring arriving (hopefully soon) and vacation right around the corner for many of us, it’s time put our winter jackets away and prepare our skin for spring weather!

It’s important to be thinking about how the changes in temperature, humidity, and sun exposure will impact your skin, especially if you are traveling somewhere hot. (Florida, here I come!)

After a long hard winter, the transitions can be especially rough for sensitive and dry skin. Plus, a harsh sunburn isn’t fun for anyone!

prepare skin for spring weather

Here are some tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy for your spring break travels!

  • 1. Scrub But Don’t Scratch
  • Six months of icy winter winds can mean dull, dry, and flaky skin. It’s essential to start with a fresh canvas, so be sure to exfoliate all of your dead skin away!

    A gentle, exfoliating body scrub that hydrates while it exfoliates is a great option and will leave your skin feeling renewed. There are plenty of natural DIY body scrubs that you can make with ingredients in your own kitchen. Here is one of my favorite recipes to make a natural scrub that leaves your skin feeling energized and reveals beautiful, new skin underneath:

    1 part Coffee Grounds (Available for free at Starbucks)
    1 part Coconut Oil
    1 part Brown Sugar 

    2. Make Sure to Moisturize
    After your skin is properly exfoliated, you must make sure that you supply that new, fresh skin with moisture to keep it hydrated. Coconut oil and cocoa butter are great natural ways to keep your skin hydrated. Adding essential oils such as lavender oil or rose oil to these moisturizers can help improve overall skin tone and hydration while promoting skin to regeneration. Remember that essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil, so for every 1 ml of carrier oil, you would add 1 drop of the essential oil.

    drink water for skin

    3. Chug (Water, that is)
    Whether or not your spring break plans involve a booze cruise, staying hydrated is one of the golden rules for having great skin. Water is the basic molecule of life, and without it our skin and our bodies simply cannot function to their potential. Especially if you are traveling somewhere hotter than usual, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of cool water throughout the day. You will feel hydrated and ready to have fun in the sun!

    4. Get Your (Sun) Block on Lock
    Sun protection is something that everyone talks about but almost always forgets to do. Aim for at least SPF 30 and waterproof if you’re going to be sweating or swimming, and be sure to apply every few hours. Apply it everywhere, even places that will be covered by clothing. In fact, it is best to apply sunscreen before you put on any clothes or bathing suits so that you get maximum coverage. For your face be sure to apply it liberally before you apply makeup. Makeup with SPF added can also help protect you, but you shouldn’t rely on it as your only source of protection.

    5. Slip into something comfortable
    Although sunscreen is great protection for your skin, you can help protect yourself from sun damage even further by covering your skin with clothing. While sunny skies and beaches may tempt you talk walk around in nothing but a bikini, wearing a coverup or even a rash guard when out and about a the beach is always a good idea.

    bikini dress

    6. Feeling the burn? Know how to soothe burnt skin
    Despite your best efforts, you may end up sunburnt if you aren’t extremely careful. Not to fear! There are many natural ways to soothe your skin, such as applying witch hazel to the affected areas, using aloe vera (which can be chilled for maximum cooling potential), or applying plain live culture yogurt. For more relief right from the grocery store, you can cut up cucumbers from the fridge and apply them to your skin, as well as taking a bath in rolled oats and applying honey to your burn to speed up the healing process.

    7. Don’t be afraid to be shady
    Stay in the shade! Nothing is better than the great outdoors but harsh sunlight and salt from the ocean can take its toll on your body and beauty. Be sure to take breaks inside or under the shade of a local cabana. Find a hammock under some trees and take a nice nap- you deserve it and your skin will thank you!

    protect hair from sun

    8. Protect your luscious locks
    Skin isn’t the only thing that can be damaged by the sun! Your scalp and hair definitely feel the effects of the sun, and can get sunburnt and damaged just as easily as any other part of your body. Try hair sprays with SPF in them, and apply coconut oil and other moisturizers to help soothe hair that may be stressed from sun, chlorine from pools, or the salt of the ocean. Be sure to rinse with cool water and conditioners after a long day out in the sun, and treat your hair to cooling masks or leave in treatments. For fast hair repair, consider an Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil - Organic Hair Mask.

    9. Get a safe glow
    Going somewhere warm lets you soak up the sun and enjoy all the great things about warm weather. Although you need to protect your skin from sun exposure and damage, there’s no reason for a (faux) glow! Use tinted moisturizers and bronzers with SPF for a sunkissed look that won’t cause wrinkles or damage later on in life. Shimmery blushes and highlighter can also accentuate a natural glow and add nice color and make your cheekbones pop.

    10. Pack the essentials
    Let’s face it- if the majority of you week will be spent beachside in a swimsuit, there is no reason to pack bulky pairs of pants, sweaters, and 8 pairs of shoes. Plan your packing list accordingly and prioritize for the type of trip you will have. Focus on the essentials, like bathing suits and intimates, and pack lighter weight, breezy pieces that can mix and match. Have a pair of flip flops for beach wear and cute sandals or strappy wedges for dinner or a night out. With less clothes in your bag, you will have more room for necessary skin and hair products, such as the sunscreen and natural oils mentioned above. Beauty comes from within, and as long as you and your skin feel healthy, hydrated, and protected, you will have the confidence to have a great time, no matter what you’re wearing!

     Now that you’re armed with some tips to look and feel your best, you are ready for the best spring break ever! Take care of yourself, remember the essentials, try some natural remedies, and treat yourself to an amazing week!

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