How can Coconut Oil Treat Bad Breath Effectively? Natural Home Remedy

So you have done the “breath test” as you head to an important occasion, and you flunk. What to do?

We did some research and found out

a. what is causing bad breath, and

b. what you can do about it effectively!

cocopull with coconut oil is a efficient bad breath remedy  


As we mentioned in previous articles, the mouth is a place for millions of bacteria. Some are good, some are bad. Nevertheless, the teeth, gums and tongue host these bacteria that will build plaque, cause several oral diseases and last but not least, bad breath.
"Halitosis", is characterized by a very unpleasant odor in and from the mouth.

  1. Certain foods cause it, such as coffee and tobacco, onions and garlic. Especially enjoying too much coffee a day, can cause not only brown stains on the teeth but also this unpleasant odor and taste. This happens because of coffee residue that sticks to the gums, teeth and mouth lining.

  2. Poor oral hygiene and gum disease: If you don't brush your teeth or just very irregularly, it will cause bad breath. Also dental issues like tooth decay or broken fillings or a bad tooth. If a gum disease had been formed (gingivitis), that is caused by plaque which builds around the teeth, bad breath can be an inevitable result of it.


Here are some remedies that you probably have heard before but we will mention them again before we actually will let you know the ultimate bad breath remedy:

- Drink plenty of water. According to the Mayo clink dehydration is a cause for bad breath.
- Brush your teeth at least twice daily
- Use mouthwash and floss daily.
- Use a toothpaste that contains cinnamon and cloves.
- Remove retainers or dentures at night and place them in water with an anti-bacterial treatment.
- Every time when you ate something swish around with water to get the food remains out of the mouth.
- Replace your toothbrush every 2 months.
- You can get a tongue scraper and scrape the tongue to remove excess bacteria.
coconut oil pulling eliminates bad breath, gum disease and halitosis

How can Coconut Oil Treat Bad Breath Effectively? A Natural Home Remedy


The Number ONE REMEDY for Bad Breath is: COCONUT OIL

All points mentioned above are valid, and you should definitely look into this, but we are interested more in a long term solution, and that is



It has proven results - Oil pulling with coconut oil reduces gum disease and bad breath on the long run. Oil Pulling comes from the Ayurvedic medicine and is known since more than 3,000 years.

Using Oil pulling as part of your daily oral hygiene, will have many benefits for your body and health.


  • Eliminates Bad Breath

  • Prevents Tooth Decay and Cavities

  • Eliminates Plaque and Prevents the building of it

  • Heals Bleeding Gums

  • Whitens Teeth Naturally

  • Prevents Heart Disease

  • Soothes Dry Throat

  • Boosts your Immune System

  • Improves Acne

  • Why is Coconut Oil so Powerful?

    Unrefined Organic Coconut oil contains lauric acid which has the ability to kill the harmful bacteria that cause plaque building, gum disease and bad breath.

    - Find more Information about Oil Pulling in this Article -


    Use 1 Cocopull™ packet (contains the perfect amount of coconut oil and peppermint oil).
    Swish it around in your mouth like mouthwash for up to 20 minutes at a time. Start with 5 minutes then build up gradually to 20 min.
    When done swishing spit out oil into trash.
    Rinse with water and brush teeth as regularly.

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