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Super easy to do and awesome results. My teeth are significantly whiter after 14 days of swishing.

Thanks so much for the review. We are happy to hear that!
I love this Jojoba oil

This oil is incredible. The first thing I noticed was the rich and smooth texture of the oil.

The second thing I noticed was how fast it absorbed into my skin. It was really surprising!

I've tried other Jojoba oils before, but they sure didn't feel like this. Plus, they just sat on top of my skin and felt oily.

I use the oil around my eyes and on a few blemishes I have. I'm very happy with the results.

This is one of those products I'll make sure I don't run out of!

Luv it

The sugar shrub is so helpful, and it's perfect partner with the beeswax I love these products

For the Natural Beauty

Nice, soft finish that doesn’t look powdery nor adds to any existing texture. Love how it looks with bronzer and sculpted brows.

I got the lightest shade, Very Light, which is yellow-based for those that can’t tell. Works well with my fair-skin that has pronounced warm undertones. However, if you’re of a similar complexion (but with cool undertones) then it might be too off.

The one con is the small color selection, but because of its lighter coverage that lets your natural skin shine through, the shade-matching is a little more forgiving. However, the current selection is best suited for those of light to medium complexion.

This is more for the natural beauty, light makeup days, or those that have sensitive skin — not for someone that wants full coverage.

Love this product!

I have had problems with my gall bladder for years. I do not want surgery so I handle it with natural solutions. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of a bad functioning gall bladder is yellow teeth and not so fresh breath - despite brushing, cleanings, and every other method I could think of. The very first time I used Cocopull I noticed a difference in my teeth - not white - but a slight change. There was a huge difference in how my mouth felt though - really really clean- cannot compare that feeling to anything else I've used. It lasted all day. I have used for a week now and continue to see improvements. Also, I never realized that my yellow teeth were caused by bacteria (gross)! I just figured that as long as my gall bladder did not function correctly that my tooth color would just not improve. So glad that is not true and that I found Cocopull. I am very very happy with the results. I no longer worry about bad breath and I feel so much happier. I am no longer embarrassed to smile. I will be using this forever!

I'm happy!

Two weeks using Cocopull and my teeth are whiter and my mouth feels fresher! No bleaches or other unhealthy chemicals, just wholesome organic ingredients. Great product!

Best teeth whitening product I have ever used

I had very sensitive teeth and my gums would bleed when i brushed my teeth and they were not very white either. Well, after only 1 week of using Cocopull, all sensitivity is gone, my gums no longer bleed when brushed and my teeth are several shades lighter. Plus, this product is 100% Organic with no chemicals, no fluoride and no preservatives.
I recommend this product to anyone who wants similar results like mine.

Coconut cream

I am a 66 year old women who uses your cream daily, my skin looks so soft and radiant. No wrinkles. Love it. I also live in canada , i would not be with out this product.

Hi Maryann, this is awesome to hear! Glad you are noticing a difference in your skin. Thanks again!

This product is amazing, once rinsed off your skin will feel so soft. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone, it's not messy and just feels great.

Great product

I've tried oil pulling before but the little packets that you put them in makes it so much more convenient. And I love the added touch of peppermint oil. Thank you for a great product!

Hi Krystin, great to see you are enjoying the Cocopull! Thanks again!
Absolutely amazing

I just received my package and I have to say the vanilla sugar scrub is amazing. Your skin feels so soft after using it and it smells great! I'm really loving this product. The coconut cream applies really smoothly on your skin and is incredibly moisturizing. Really want to try out some other products from this brand! In love :heart:

Love these!

I love these packets! Not only are they great for everyday use, but after angsting over how to keep up oil pulling when I travel, I've found that these are the perfect solution. For everything from staying as a guest at a friend's home to camping, I can bring these and easily keep up my oil pulling without worrying about buying or transporting oil. Also the peppermint flavor is amazing!

Hi Amanda, great to hear you are enjoyin the Cocopull. That's a great idea about using them for traveling. Thanks again!
Monoi Oil

This is one of my favorite AVIVA PURE products! I use it from head to toe. Love the way it make my skin and hair feel and the smell is heavenly! Thank you AVIVA PURE!

So glad to hear you are enjoying our Monoi Oil. That's a great idea to use the product all over your body to help with your skin! We love the smell too! Thanks again!
Organic Coconut Oil Cream

My husband works on cars and suffers from dry, cracked skin on his hands. He had tried all kinds of lotions/potions with no relief. I offered my Organic Coconut Oil Cream for him to try and he not only liked it, he is seeing some healing on his hands. Hopefully, with continued use, his hands will be baby soft. Thank you AVIVA PURE!

“Hi Sandy, so glad to hear you are enjoying our Organic Coconut Oil Cream. That is a great idea to use this product to help with your husbands dry, cracked skin and glad to hear it has provided relief for his hands! Thanks again!
Rosehip seed oil

This is fantastic stuff!! I love it...absorbs super fast, and I'm seeing results! I love you guys SO much, I ordered the sample pack to try out more!!! I love you so much I want a job with you!

Hi Shannon, so grateful to hear that you enjoy the Rosehip! We appreciate having you as a client. Thanks again!
Coconut oil cream

This is so light and creamy. A little goes a long way. Happy that we found this chemical free face cream.
We will keep buying it.

“Hi Larry, so glad to hear you are enjoying the Coconut Oil Cream. That is great that you like it so well and plan to re-order. Thanks again!
Amazing product! Soaks into my

Amazing product! Soaks into my skin easily and the keeps the frizz down in my curly hair. Love it and would recommend it.

Hi Deanna, Great to hear you are enjoying the Organic coconut oil cream and it's helping with your skin and frizzy hair. Thanks again!

I've been using the Coco Pull and I think it's awesome.

Hi Shemita, very excited to hear you are enjoying the benefits of Cocopull. Thanks again!
Aviva Pure Rose Hip Oil and Coconut Oil Cream

Both excellent products. The Coconut Oil cream is great for so many things! Very satisfied. A great find!

Hey Mary, so glad that you are enjoying the benefits of the Rosehip Oil and Coconut Oil. Grateful to have you as a customer. Thanks again!
Awesome product!

I have used Aviva Coco pull for 14 days and am just starting a 2nd 14 day packet- why? Because it's amazing! My teeth are definitely whiter and I absolutely love the way they feel.
I highly recommend and have shares with my friends. Thanks you for such a convenient, way to use product! It's great!!
Loretta P
Chico CA

Hi Loretta, so awesome to hear you are enjoying the Cocopull! Glad you are experiencing whiter and cleaner teeth. Thanks again!
Organic coconut oil

I loved it I'm ordering again thank you free shipping awesome

Hi Alicia, great to hear you are enjoying the Organic Coconut Oil! We are very grateful to have you as a customer. Thanks again!
well done

my order was delivered crazy fast and i am in love with my Brown Sugar Cinnamon - Edible, Organic Lip Scrub!!!
great products, great company

Hi Sharon, awesome to hear! Glad you are enjoying your Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. Thanks again!
Avia Pure

Awesome product so far. Have used mostly as conditioner, cuticles and nail cream and just a little bit to smooth my hair after drying. My hair has definitely healthier and shinier after using it. I would love to receive information on other ways this product can be used.

Hi Mary, Glad to hear you are noticing a difference with your hair after using the Coconut Oil. I just sent you an email regarding all of the ways to use our Organic Coconut Oil Cream. Thanks again!

Would use again

Hi Laura, Great to hear! Glad you enjoyed the COCOPULL. Thanks again!
The Rose hip oil & night repair cream

The Rose hip oil & night repair cream are excellent 10 stars .

Hi Maryann, this is awesome to hear! Glad you are enjoying the benefits of our Rosehip Oil. Thanks again!
Excellent, simple, pure

I absolutely love the coco pull with mint. Tastes like Junior Mints! Teeth noticeably whiter. Also enjoying the rose hip oil and the coconut oil for my face. I use the latter both as a moisturizer and to remove makeup! Makes a nice cleanser if your skin is dry/mature. The rose hip oil is very yellow appearing, so I mix a drop with a drop of hyaluronic acid serum, and it's perfect. A hint of color only. Will definitely reorder.

Hi Rosalind, so glad to hear you are enjoying our products. That is a great idea to combine the rosehip with hyaluronic acid serum! Thanks again1
Love, love this product!!! It's

Love, love this product!!! It's a product I highly recommend !!

Hi Victoria, great to hear! Glad you are enjoying the Organic Coconut Oil Cream. Thanks again!
Excellent products, excellent service

Ordered the Rosehip oil and Cocopull. Both excellent products (so far), and excellent service from company. One product was backordered, so I received it separately, and they even included a free gift of a necklace and a thank you note for ordering. It's the small things that make the difference. As far as the Cocopull, I was afraid the flavor might not appeal, but it's pleasant, and not too overpowering. My teeth *seemed* whiter after one use, but I will need to use longer to see what long term results well as with oil. I will say, the oil has a nice "dry" consistency- absorbs completely as soon as you put it on, and so far, no breakouts from it...

Hi Molly, thank you so much for the thorough review. We are very glad to hear that you are enjoying the Cocopull and Rosehip. Thanks again!
Good service

I've order from this company a few times. I'm very pleased with the service, shipping and products.

Hi, great to hear you have enjoyed your experience with Aviva Pure. We are very grateful that you trust us with the purchase of Cocopull. Thanks again!
Love How I Look

Love the results of using Rosehip Seed Oil. Not only can I see results others have asked what I'm doing differently because my complexion looks wonderful.

Hi Deborah, awesome to hear that you are enjoying the wonderful benefits of our Rosehip Oil! Thanks again!
Great Product

I always had beautiful hair, but as we get older everything changes and the shine and texture of my hair wasn't as good as it used to be. So i read that a hair mask is a must for mature woman. I tried this hair mask and I must say my hair is looking better than its been in a long time. I use it once a week and I really love it.It's part of my beauty rutine.

Hi Gaby, this is wonderful to hear. We are so excited to see that you now notice a change in the shine and texture of your hair after using the hair mask. Thanks again!
Love the coconut oil

Just bought Aviva Pure coconut oil and totally love it. It's multi-purpose and makes my skin really smooth. Also smells great. Have been looking for an all natural, safe brand and this is perfect. Highly recommended!

Hi Caroline, thanks for the kind words. Great to hear you are noticing a difference in your skin with the Coconut oil! Thanks again!
Awesome, love this stuff!!

This stuff is awesome, I use it from head to toe for myself as well as my newborn!! For me it is a nongreasy head to toe skin moisturizer, leave in conditioner, lip gloss, massage oil, and newly
breastfeeding ouch preventer! For my newborn it is a mild moisturizer for cradle cap, natural antibacterial thrush prevention, and nongreasy quick drying rash prevention guard.
In other words, Damn good stuff!!!!!

Hey Paul, congratulations again on the newborn. So glad to hear the coconut oil is working well for the newborn already! Thanks again!
Best thing I have used in a long time!!

I was hesitant on using the product but I immediately can see a a difference within a couple days this product really works my teeth look and feel great. It seems to really help my skin loved it.

Hi Leo, love hearing that you are noticing a difference in the look and feeling of your teeth. Thanks again!
Great product!

I was very skeptical about oil pulling as I have a sensitive gag reflex. CarbonCoco made it easy and after the first 3 days I was able to go the full 20 mins. I'm now on day 15 and plan to go at least another month!

Hi Gina, I think you meant to say Cocopull :) Awesome to hear you're able to control your gag reflex and go up to 20 minutes at a time now. This should really allow you to notice great benefits. Thanks again!

Ive been using it for 6 nights and can notice my gums feeling better

Hi Danny, great to see that your gums are already feeling better. Continue using for the full 14 day program and you should see even a bigger difference. Thanks again!
I'm in love with the coco

I have naturally curly hair that only curls on one side & around the edges of my scalp. The rest of my hair basically frizzes, but I noticed that it was dry & didn't tetain moisture. Enter Aviva. I've been using it as a moisturizer after I condition, before I use any styling pattern, & it is softening, comditioning... & thus changing the texture of my hair. It's never been so soft... like a baby. Please keep in mind, I've only had the product for 2 weeks. Thanks for helping repair 20+ years of heat damage!!

Hi Wakeelah, so fantastic to hear how you are able to benefit from the Coconut Oil! Glad it was able to help repair your hair from the heat damage. Thanks again!
Excellent Product

Since switching to all natural, my scalp sometimes gets dry and itchy. This product not only softened my hair, but also made my hair manageable, and no itchy scalp! Will definitely keep this oil on hand!

Hi Pam, this is wonderful to hear. Very glad the mask is helping with your itchy scalp. Thanks again!
Organic Hair Mask

I really like that the products are natural and organic & free of harmful chemicals. The hair mask makes my hair feel very moisturized. I feel that I need more time using it to see the affects on my hair. I typically wash my hair twice a week, so a bit more time is needed. So far I am enjoy the product.

Hi Jessica, great to hear your hair feels more moisturized. Keep using the mask on a regular basis to enjoy the maximum affects for your hair. Thanks again!
On the fence

While this coconut oil is not quite as oily as the consumable brands, it makes my skin soft, but it still feels a bit dry, especially my hands.

Hi Cathleen, thanks for the feedback. Glad you are noticing softer skin. We are disappointed to hear that you are still experiencing dry hands. Thanks again!
Aviva pure is Aviva good

I'm hooked love this product works well on face, body and hair smells good too looking forward to trying other Aviva products soon

Hi Michelle, this is wonderful to hear! Glad you are able to take advantage of the Organic Coconut Oil Cream for your face, body and hair. Thanks again!

Love my hair mask, it has really made an improvement in my dry, fly away hair to make it more controllable and healthy looking

Hi Susan, this is awesome to hear. Glad you are noticing a difference in the health and look of your hair. Thanks again!
Coco pull

Love it. The subtle minty flavor is great. The convenience of the individual packets makes this perfect for me. Definitely ordering more.

Hi Lucile, this is awesome to hear! Glad you are enjoying the peppermint flavor. Thanks!
Awesome Product

Could not be more satisfied with this product. As someone with sensitive teeth and significant dental problems in the past, this product is by far the best thing I've found...even better than anything my dentist has recommended. Definitely worth trying it out if you're on the fence!

Hi Selena, this is awesome to hear! Glad the Cocopull is helping with your sensitive teeth. Thanks again!
Hair Mask

The Hair mask works great on my hair. I find that my hair is more manageable and smells great also. Application of the product is a little messy and I wear a shower cap to keep product from accidently rubbing on clothes or furniture.

Hi Jeanette, great to hear you are noticing a difference with the hair mask. Great idea with using a shower cap. Thanks again!
Love this oil

Not greasy and light-weight. I use it with honey for my hair and as a facial cleanser for the face. I am on my second jar and will be ordering more for sure.

Hi Margarita, great to hear you are enjoying the Coconut Oil Cream. Excellent idea with using honey (also a great natural exfoliator). Thanks again!
Clean and light minty taste

I was unsure about teeth pulling with the coconut oil. I wasn't sure what it would feel like in my mouth. Once I got mind over matter I used the oil. I was very suprised at the pleasant minty taste and my teeth felt like they had been brushed. It amazed me how clean my mouth felt and that was BEFORE I brushed my teeth! Try it.

Hi Rachelle, this is awesome to hear! Glad you are able to enjoy the benefits of oil pulling. Thanks again!
nice lip scrub without being harsh

nice lip scrub without being harsh super gentle but really works! I love it, the cinnamon is super nice too! not too over powering.

Hi Faith, great to hear you are enjoying the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. It really helps to get rid of dry, flaky skin on the lips. Thanks again!
Amazing hair mask!!!

I absolutely love this hair mask! It works amazing on my very thick hair! I've always had trouble with dry, damaged hair...and I've looked for products to help/repair for a long time. This stuff really helps! I'm also trying to grow my hair out for my upcoming August wedding, and after just four uses, I notice some growth! And it's so much softer and much healthier looking! Definitely the best hair mask I've ever used!

Hi Cassie, this is wonderful! So glad to hear it's helping with your hair before your wedding. Thanks again!
Best lip balm ever

I think I've found the only lip balm I'll ever buy ever again, it feels super smooth and leaves me lips perfect, like they have new skin.

Hi Faith, this is awesome to hear. Glad it's helping to benefit your lips. Thanks again!