• How Toxic is Synthetic Parfum and Fragrance in Beauty Products?

    Welcome to the World of Fragrances and Perfume! This world has become a Multi-Million Dollar Market and is growing yearly. It seems nothing is going to stop this trend. Despite the writings on the wall, and the warnings, and the statistics that prove that THESE SUBSTANCES ARE DANGEROUS for HUMAN... View Post
  • Why using a Facial Toner? What can a Toner do for your Skin?

    A good facial toner removes all remaining impurities and dirt from the skin and is the final step before the makeup. It also will balance the pH of the skin. The best toners are all natural or organic because they won't be harsh for your skin. Make sure to get a toner that is naturally based and contains lavender and aloe vera. View Post
  • Does Oil Pulling Work or Not? Questions and Answers

    You may have heard about oil pulling but you are not sure how it can work for you. Maybe you want to find out what are the benefits and why some people call it as a dangerous method.
    In this article we put together the most important information about oil pulling.  Let's start with the history... View Post
  • The Best Proven Oil Pulling Products on the Market

    What are the best proven oil pulling products on the market these days? This article will show you what is exactly oil pulling, how to use it and which products to buy. Coconut Oil has become very popular the past ten years and can be found in many beauty products. But it also had become very important for oral care. We searched for the best oil pulling products. View Post
  • 10 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for a Beach Trip in Spring

    With the warmth of spring arriving (hopefully soon) and vacation right around the corner for many of us, it’s time put our winter jackets away and prepare our skin for spring weather!

    It’s important to be thinking about how the changes in temperature, humidity, and sun exposure will impact your skin [Click to Continue]


    View Post
  • How to use Avocado Oil for Skin Care and Hair Growth

    How to use Avocado Oil for Skin Care and Hair Growth - Do you know about the benefits of avocado oil? Avocado is a super food indeed, we will tell you all about it. And how you can use it for your skin and hair care. [Click to Continue

    View Post
  • The Shocking Truth About Chemicals in Skincare and Beauty Products

    Find out what is the Shocking Truth About Chemicals in Skincare and Beauty Products if today in this article. We are told lies. The same lies that were told in the flourishing tobacco industry back in the 40s-60s. Now these lies are being sold by giants of the beauty industry to the consumers. Chemicals destroy your skin on the long run. [Click to Continue]


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  • Is Coconut Oil Pulling Safe? Oil Pulling for Beginners

    You may have heard about oil pulling in some fashion but you don't know really what it is. Or maybe you tried it and it was not what you expected. We surveyed 50 people of different age, and will tell you what we found out.  And yes, we answer the question if it is safe for you! Read more... View Post


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