Make Design your Hair Mask - Organic and All Natural Ingredients

Hair is part of us and we love it or hate it. Remember when you were little and you wanted curly hair because your best friends hair was curly. Or when perms were popular, everyone (men too) had their perms done without hesitating. So the hairstyle trend or the fashion determines many styles BUT not how to treat your hear and make the best out of it. To make the best out of it might be the most complicated part because every hair is different and unique.
What is the solution? Could it be possible to have a customized hair product?


We created the option to customize your own hair mask.

How does it work?
The individual hair mask will contain up to to carrier or basic oil such as Coconut oil or Argan oil. On top you add up to 4 essential oils which are also beneficial for hair. All oils are proven oils for hair. And they are pure, all natural VEGAN and/or organic.

Important Carrier Oils for Hair
Argan Oil

It is proven to make the hair softer, silkier and shinier. It works like a hair conditioner, and will help to nourish split ends and tame frizzy hair. We don't recommend it for fine hair.
Coconut Oil
Versatile oil that is great in combinations with other oils - See our article about avocado oil vs coconut oil  -

It's that easy. Just use the chart and locate the desired oils that fit your hair.
Choose from 21 different organic oils and powders and customize your mask specifically to your desired outcome.


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