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  • 11 Hair Growth Secrets for Everyone with Hair Growth Problems

    11 Hair Growth Secrets for Everyone with Hair Growth Problems - There are many hair growing routines out there but many of these routines you have been taught to use for years, are RUINING your chances for fast hair growth.  And not because many of these are expensive and hard to implement, but because you have no idea what you’re doing wrong... find out what you can and should do.

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  • Make Design your Hair Mask - Organic and All Natural Ingredients

    Hair is part of us and we love it or hate it. Remember when you were little and you wanted curly hair because your best friends hair was curly. Or when perms were popular, everyone (men too) had their perms done without hesitating. So the hairstyle trend or the fashion determines many styles BUT not how to treat your hear and make the best out of it. To make the best out of it might be the most complicated part because every hair is different and unique. What is the solution? Could it be possible to have a customized hair product? Yes. We created the option to customize your own hair mask. View Post
  • Should I use Coconut Oil for my Hair?

    Coconut Oil has become very popular in the USA since the last 5 years. This is not surprising. Coconut oil is such a versatile oil with plenty usages and benefits.In our store we have several coconut oil products for hair, face and body. Maybe you have asked yourself, if coconut oil is the right ... View Post
  • Why Coconut and Avocado Oil is Incredible for Hair Care

    As a beauty product enthusiast, you probably have come across the popular question, “is there anything Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil can’t do?” 

    For the essence of this post, we will try to also avoid the argument, which is healthier: Coconut Oil or Avocado Oil?
    The mixture of both is the key and it makes a great hair treatment for many reasons. Truth is, we all have that innate desire to groom us to look as perfect as those celebrities we see on TV and the people we watch in commercials. View Post
  • Coconut Oil Benefits: The Expert's Extraordinary Guide

    Everyone agrees that coconut oil is good. It boosts your health, brightens your skin, softens the hair, and has become a real beneficial lifestyle product.

    To find out about all the benefits we created an all-in-one, step-by-step guide on coconut oil and how to use it.



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