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If you are 30 and up and are facing problems with adult acne, please continue reading! This is a live story!

If you don't believe that this all is true, you can find some pictures how the skin looked a few months ago.

It definitely wasn't pretty and beautiful! 

Still, it wasn't a severe case of acne but it was to the point where it was bothering a lot and it lowered my self-esteem to a huge degree.

Make-up became my best friend! I constantly had to cover up my skin with makeup. Sounds familiar to you? Well, if you suffer from acne skin or even just blemish-prone skin, you exactly know how this feels.

How to Use Jojoba Oil For Acne - Skincare that Works


jojoba oil acne treatmend - skin beforejojoba oil acne before


Like many other women who are in their thirties with adult acne skin, it bothered me but also the fact that in this age the first aging signs became visible.

So it is a two-sided problem we are struggling with: On one side there is acne and on the other side there is the need for anti-aging beauty products.

If you know anything about acne, let me tell you, these two problems usually don't go very well together.
The most anti-aging products usually come with a very heavy formula that just does not match any acne prone skin.  It's worse: Such products can easily cause your skin to break out.

Of course these facts did not make me happy until recently, when I made a surprising discovery...

The Skin With Make-Up
That's how my skin looked even I used a thin layer of makeup. Acne shows right through it. Makeup never covers it a hundred percent.

jojoba oil acne after


You see there are no blemishes or pimples. Here on my cheek, there's a little bit but that's basically nothing. And here as well there's a small tiny pimple.

But even when you look at my nose, there are no blackheads, no whiteheads, no huge pimples, nothing. And you can tell by the way this is shinning through that I'm actually wearing a very light layer of makeup.

The Skin without Make-Up
Before and after

jojoba oil acne before and after

jojoba oil acne before and after 2

jojoba oil acne before and after 3

jojoba oil acne before and after 4

jojoba oil acne before and after 5

Now that you have seen the skin before the treatment, you want to know what I found, right? So what did I use that cleared my skin?

Pure Jojoba Oil. Without any other oils or added substances. Cold pressed and 100% pure. In this bottle there is nothing else than Jojoba Oil.

jojoba oil acne treatment and acne remedy - for oily skin

Using oils in skin care is becoming more and more popular. But Jojoba oil is not like any other oil.

Jojoba Oil is the extract of the nut from the Jojoba plant. Technically it is not an oil - it's a liquid wax. The oil's color is golden, and it has a slightly nut-like scent. But only if the oil is pure and raw. Jojoba oil is always liquid.

The oil's molecule structure is very similar to that of the human sebum which is produced by the skin.

That's why Jojoba oil is so beneficial! Using it, tells the skin that it can cut back the natural production of sebum. Oily skin only occurs when too much of sebum is produced. The pure and natural jojoba oil will control the natural oil production of the skin. Because it acts like sebum!

jojoba oil


Why is this important? One of the major causes of acne is the overproduction of sebum which usually clogs the pores and is causing breakouts.

The molecule structure of jojoba oil is so similar to the sebum on your skin, that your skin will recognize it as its own and leave the pores .
This means it can penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin.

This is why Jojoba Oil provides a deep cleansing action for your skin as it is reaching the deepest layers. It is a cleaning process which brings all the impurities up to the top skin layers.
NOTE: Keep in mind if you use Jojoba Oil on blemish prone skin, your skin could potentially get a little worse at the beginning. So be patient. The skin will heal. It just takes a bit time. 

Jojoba Oil also has antibacterial properties that help to control the growth of bacteria. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which helps to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Important is to keep in mind that even if your dermatologist might tell you to stay away from any oils when you have acne, that Jojoba Oil is actually not an oil but a liquid wax and it will NOT clog your pores.

jojoba oil after

First clean your face.
Use it as a daily moisturizer by using just a few drops of the oil.
Place some drops into your clean hands, and rub them between the fingers to slightly warm up the oil.
Pat it onto your face and massage it onto the skin.

It feels nice, and hydrating. Leaves the skin smooth and like baby skin.

Definitely do not use more than your skin needs, so 1-2 drops are just fine. enough even Jojoba Oil  does not leave a greasy film on your skin. If you might use too much of the oil the skin is attracting dust and grime which can again clog the pores. So don't overdo it. A very tiny amount goes a very long way!

Is it Magic?
Kind of as it has worked for me so well and I know I am not the only one.  If you google acne and Aviva Pure
Jojoba Oil, you will find many positive reviews.
I am sure that you have tried so many other products, like me, and none of them really made a big difference. Sometimes these products dried out the skin and made it worse! It won't hurt to try another product and choose a natural alternative, and the most important part - see for yourself.

jojoba oil for face and hair - acne treatment, for dry and oily skin

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