How to Handle Bleeding Gums? Natural Remedy With Coconut Oil

Plaque that has been built around your teeth. It would not be so severe but plaque contains harmful bacteria and germs which attack the healthy tissue around the teeth.
This will cause the gums to become inflamed and irritated, and that is the reason which may cause them to bleed when brushing or flossing. This condition has also a name: It is called Gingivitis and is the FIRST STAGE of gum disease.

This means: Bleeding Gums = Active Bacterial Infection

gum disease starts with plaque around the teeth

Do you know that there is a very possible chance you could have some form of gum disease and you are not even aware of it?
Dentist David Kennedy, DDS and past president of the International Association for Oral Medicine and Toxicology, made following statements:

  • Over 90% of adults over age 30 have some stage of active gum disease (Geez!)
  • 65% of 15 year old already have active gum disease (Very Problematic and Scary!)

We are not into creating fear but you have to know that studies and research have found links between

  • Periodontal disease and heart problems, strokes, stomach problems, and diabetes.

It's all about the harmful bacteria! This bacteria in plaque that builds up between the teeth and gums can enter into the bloodstream. These bacteria are very mobile and travel throughout the body. They swim blood upstream and settle in other areas of the body.
It had been found out that the plaque deposits from these bacteria from the mouth are the same types of bacteria that build plaque found in arterial walls in heart disease patients. WOW!
In short, having these bacteria in the body can actually cause serious health problems!


1. Have a More Nutritious Diet.
This means stay away from junk food, sodas, cokes, fast food and processed food all of these foods contain too much sugar, and are fattening on top of all. This includes the over-sweetened Starbucks coffees! Get quality fats such as unrefined organic coconut oil, fresh veggies and fruit, herbal teas, and start cooking your own meals.

fresh vegetables and coconut oil are healthy

2. Change your Lifestyle into a More Healthy Lifestyle
It seems difficult but not impossible. To improve your immune health it is recommended to get enough sleep, address stress, and avoid lifestyle habits like too much smoking that is not very good for your oral health.

3. Improve your Oral Hygiene
This point seems to be the easiest one but there are so many products to choose from. We recommend to stay away from products that contains harsh chemicals. Tongue scrapers are helpful, and frequently brushing the teeth daily. Also using a mouthwash does a good job.

oral hygiene with cocopull, stops bleeding gums, inflammation

The best is to start OIL PULLING with COCONUT OIL. Why is that important?
Unrefined Organic Coconut oil contains lauric acid which has the ability to kill the harmful bacteria. Exactly those bacteria that are responsible for all the diseases listed above.

- Find more Information about Oil Pulling in this Article -
 or watch the video below

See a video that shows in a very easy way how oil pulling can help you to prevent gum disease:

What others say about Oil Pulling with Cocopull:

"This was my first product at attempting oil pulling. I read about it in an online article and ordered it. This product exceeded my expectations. The instructions are clear and concise. The mint used is really great and not over powering. I definitely saw a difference in my teeth in gums. I have no cavities or issues with my teeth so I don't know if it actually helps with those issues but I know my dentist visit went well and I love the taste and the way my mouth felt after. I know some people only oil pull but I like to oil pull first thing in the morning and then brush my teeth. The packaging was immaculate and I also love they're individually wrapped. It made it easier to pack them and take with me on vacation.- Jasmin T.

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