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  • Does Oil Pulling Work or Not? Questions and Answers

    You may have heard about oil pulling but you are not sure how it can work for you. Maybe you want to find out what are the benefits and why some people call it as a dangerous method.
    In this article we put together the most important information about oil pulling.  Let's start with the history... View Post
  • The Best Proven Oil Pulling Products on the Market

    What are the best proven oil pulling products on the market these days? This article will show you what is exactly oil pulling, how to use it and which products to buy. Coconut Oil has become very popular the past ten years and can be found in many beauty products. But it also had become very important for oral care. We searched for the best oil pulling products. View Post
  • Is Coconut Oil Pulling Safe? Oil Pulling for Beginners

    You may have heard about oil pulling in some fashion but you don't know really what it is. Or maybe you tried it and it was not what you expected. We surveyed 50 people of different age, and will tell you what we found out.  And yes, we answer the question if it is safe for you! Read more... View Post
  • How to Handle Bleeding Gums? Natural Remedy With Coconut Oil

    Do you suffer from bleeding gums? Are you looking for a non-chemical solution? We hear you and came up with the article - How to Handle Bleeding Gums? Natural Remedy With Coconut Oil - to show you a proven and working solution which will end the bleeding gum problem. Find out more... View Post
  • Is Dental Plaque Removal with Coconut Oil Really Possible?

    Have you ever asked yourself Is Dental Plaque Removal with Coconut Oil Really Possible? Dental plaque is No 1 cause for many teeth and gum diseases. Find out yourself in this article what you can do to prevent dental plaque that can lead to tooth decay. We show why and how coconut oil pulling works. View Post
  • How to do Oil Pulling Using the Best Coconut Oil

    What if there would be a simple way you could get the following: Brighter, Whiter Teeth - Bad Breath Prevention - Hangover Relief - Skin Improvements. It is possible with Coconut Oil Pulling - the latest and most natural solution for healthy oral care. Find out what exactly it is and if you should start to use it.



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  • How Coconut Oil Pulling Removes Tartar and Plaque on Teeth

    Why is it Important to have Plaque Removed? It does not only look unattractive, it is also a pre-step for an oral disease called Gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums around the teeth. When do you know you have this inflammation? Symptoms of Gingivitis are Swollen gums Bright red or... View Post
  • Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil - Facts and Benefits for Your Health

    Have you ever heard about oil pulling? If not then you must continue reading to find out what it is.Coconut oil is a natural and traditional way to teeth whitening and promotes oral health since many centuries, and it all began in India.Usage of coconut oil for oral hygiene is called "oil pulling... View Post


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