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Aviva Pure- Natural Micellar Cleansing Water- Simple Makeup Remover 8oz



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We are fascinated by the French women’s beauty routines—mainly because they make these routines look easy and effortless.

And you might have noticed in France many women have this glowing complexion that we so admire and want to achieve, but it's not that easy, you may think. 
anyone who has ever visited a typical Parisian pharmacy can show you the secret for a glowing complexion: Micellar Water.

What is Natural Micellar Cleansing Water? What Will it Do for Your Skin?

  • Micellar water hydrates, cleanses and gently removes makeup without drying or irritating the skin.
  • Micellar water contains small particles called micelles. These micelles are hydrophobic and oil-loving - they are mopping the oil, dirt, and makeup away while hydrating the skin. Why is micellar water so popular in France? Because of the regular “hard tap water” in Paris which can be harsh on the skin.

  • In general Micellar cleansing water is a super-gentle cleansing method that will not irritate the skin during the cleansing process.

  • It is soap and detergent free. It can be used as a gentle makeup remover or as a no-rinse cleanser to substitute water.
  • Contains soothing and softening ingredients such as witch hazel and chamomile essential oil  which removes excess oil, controls oil production, cleanses and conditions skin. The skin will feel soft, clean after usage. 
  • It is "The "Lifesaver" for late nights. We all know: Never go to sleep and keep the make-up on! But it's hard when you are tired.
    Here is the Solution: Use the micellar water, it's fast and will protect your skin.
    Spray a cotton pad with Micellar water (or directly on skin) and wipe lightly over your face before sleeping.
    You will wake up with clean, soft and hydrated skin.

Why Aviva Pure Simple Natural Micellar Water?

It is a makeup remover water that has been created as a "Natural Cleansing Solution".

See following Inmgredients that are used in Commercial Micellar Water (such as L'Oreal or Garnier):


These ingredients are harsh chemicals and are commonly found in micellar water of the most large commercial brands today. Such micellar water is cheaper but does not contribute to natural beauty.


  • Spray on cotton pad or directly on face. Gently wipe off around eyes and face.
  • Not necessary to rinse with water after usage.

Amount: 8 fl. oz - Comes in a Convenient Spray Bottle
Deonized Water
Witch Hazel Water
Organic Calendula Extract
Organic Lavandin Hydrosol 
Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT oil from Coconut oil)
Decyl Glucoside
Polysorbate 20
Organic Alcohol (derived from cane sugar)

Our Micellar water has some substances that are needed to keep it fresh and lasting.

Offers all the benefits of AHAs but it is gentle to the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. This ingredient is an acid, but slightly gentler on the skin than acids you might have heard of, for example lactic or glycolic acid.

Polysorbate 20: 
Also known as TWEEN20, it’s used to help cover a wide range of oil in water and water in oil emulsions. Keeps oil and water separated.

Decyl Glucoside: 
Usually gentle and unlikely to irritate or dry out 
skin. It is also used in anti–dandruff shampoo treatments, eczema creams and lotions and many other skin care regiments.

Is a naturally occurring polyhydroxy acid (PHA) with metal chelating, moisturizing and antioxidant activity. Offers all the benefits of AHAs but it is gentle to the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. This ingredient is an acid, but slightly gentler on the skin than acids you might have heard of, for example lactic or glycolic acid.

Sodium Benzoate: 
Is a salt of Benzoic Acid, found naturally in cranberries, prunes, plums, cinnamon, ripe cloves, and apples and used as a preservative in cosmetics and personal care product formulas as a fragrance and masking ingredient, and most frequently, as a preservative for food, condiments and in cosmetics.

Polysorbate 20:
Also known as TWEEN20, it’s used to help cover a wide range of oil in water and water in oil emulsions. Keeps oil and water separated.

Organic Alcohol:
Organic alcohol, also known as ethanol (not to be confused with isopropyl, or rubbing alcohol), is said to be able to extract more phyto-chemicals than other substances used for extraction, such as glycerin, propylene glycol or water. Alcohol is also an effective emulsifier and carrier, helping ingredients penetrate the skin. The alcohol used in this product is NOT drying the skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Super smoothing

I love this cleansing water. I started using it recently and my skin feels super clean after using it. I use it as toner after washing my face. And it's the perfect finish. I apply the Aviva pure Jojoba oil afterwards. It's a very simple but effective combination. I highly recommend this for boys and girls with sensitive skin (red undertones).

Gets everything off

I do a double cleanse and use a sponge, but even after that the product still removes whats left behind and i wake up with clear skin from it.

I love this product and re-order it.

I am a 57-year-old woman and I use this product every day to clean and moisturize my face and neck. I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone remarkably. My friends have commented on how good my complexion looks now. I will continue to use this product as part of my daily beauty routine.

Compliments on this Micellar Water!

I tried out many micellar water and all of them had many ingredients and preservatives (chemicals). The Aviva Pure micellar water is different. I am using it now every morning instead of washing the face with water. It wakes up the skin and leaves it refreshed and soft. Normally other products dried out the skin. It removes gently everything that should not be on the skin. This is really a good product! Very recommended.

Good Products and friendly service

Great customer service! I appreciate the follow up emails and the fast resoponse to any questions or concerns. I really like the products. I've tried a number of them. The hair and skin products are natural and lovely to use. They make shopping with them a pleasant experience.

Hi Inekka, thanks again for being a great client with us. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks!

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