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Aviva Pure Organic Coconut Oil for Skin, Coconut Oil for Face, Hair and Body



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It is has all the great health benefits of coconut oil - BUT WITHOUT the excess impurities found in food grade coconut oil.

What Makes our Organic Coconut Oil so Special?

Our Organic Coconut Oil for Skin, Face, Hair and Body is produced by using a unique method of "centrifuge extraction" from fresh coconut milk. This method produces a HIGH QUALITY graded oil with a very low moisture content that is so low that no further processing or heating is required.
The result is a very light and MILD & PURE coconut oil with a clean taste and aroma. It is unlike coconut oil produced by any other method.

organic virgin coconut oil for skin, benefits for applying coconut oil overnight on face

Is it the same oil as the one from the Philippines?

Not at all.
Our Organic Coconut Oil for Skin, Face, Hair and Body comes from Thailand and is produced with a completely different process. It is separated directly from fresh coconut milk without the use of fermentation and is never heated.
The difference to virgin oil from the Philippines is, that they use the traditional/homemade method.

  • Organic Coconut Oil FOR FACE & BODY:
    Helps to repair skin and acts as preventative for premature aging by keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. You'll instantly notice a new, youthful glow as your skin is nourished with our Organic Coconut Oil's nearly 50% fatty acid profile. A secret of our coconut oil cream is that it makes an excellent makeup remover for waterproof mascara.
  • Organic Coconut Oil FOR HAIR:
    Softens strands, tames frizz, promotes new hair growth & fights dandruff. Use as a leave in conditioner or overnight hair mask.
  • Organic Coconut Oil FOR SKIN and COSMETIC USAGE:
    Enhances eyelashes.
    Quiets eczema flare-ups.
    Repairs nails and prevents razor burn (see full-list of uses in the info-graphic below).
  • Organic Coconut Oil FOR DRY SKIN
    Very beneficial for dry skin types because it is Light, Fast Absorbing and Non-Greasy.

It's the World's first premium, unrefined virgin coconut oil obtained by centrifuge (gravity) separation from fresh coconut milk. 


  • Our organic coconut oil for skin comes with a dropper. It is important not to touch the oil with your fingers. It will contaminate the oil and will decrease its freshness which will result in a stale smell.
  • The oil gets firm above 76F. We advise to keep the coconut oil at room temperature.  Should you get the oil firm because of the transportation in cold temperature outside, place the jar at room temperature to become liquid.
    Important: Don't open the jar before it has become liquid again.
    If you want to keep it in the fridge the oil will get firm. Some of our customers keep it in the fridge and let it melt on the skin. It melts within seconds!


    8 ways to use organic coconut oil, can I use coocnut oil on my face every night
    • Amount: 4 fl.oz or 118 ml
    • 100% Certified Organic -  Unrefined, Virgin - Pure Coconut Oil.

      Completely natural with NO
      perfum or artificial fragrances,
      glycerin or chemicals. CRUELTY FREE.

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    Love it


    Aviva Pure Organic Coconut Oil for Skin, Coconut Oil for Face, Hair and Body

    Great Product!

    I will continue to order this product as long as it’s available! My skin looks so very smooth and clear.

    Thanks so much Pamela for the review. We will keep this coconut oil forever!
    Coconut oil

    Very nice to use

    Coconut cream

    I am a 66 year old women who uses your cream daily, my skin looks so soft and radiant. No wrinkles. Love it. I also live in canada , i would not be with out this product.

    Hi Maryann, this is awesome to hear! Glad you are noticing a difference in your skin. Thanks again!

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