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The Aviva Pure story began in 2014. Founder Matt Dye was working in a corporate accounting job that he says “lacked any heart or passion" and envisioned being “stuck there the remainder of his life," counting the days go by. He decided to take a break. This is the story of how it all began…

A Trip to the Other Side of the World

While on a trip to Southeast Asia with his wife to learn more about where she came from, Matt was able to experience the beautiful forests and beaches of the Philippines.  The Filipinos showed the significance nature plays in the life of its people.

columbus to cebu

A friend of Matt's wife invited them on a tour of their family’s coconut oil farm, where they talked about the many uses of coconut oil. Noticing in greater detail the youthful glow of the Pacific Islanders skin from the everyday use of coconut oil, he gave it a try…

matt aviva pure


The Birth of Aviva Pure

After returning home Matt began introducing family and friends to Coconut Oil. They were intrigued with the thought of an organic oil for beauty without added chemicals. They started to noticing after a few days how it left their skin smooth and soft. Everyone kept coming back to him with questions about where they could purchase for themselves.

He finally had found what he was searching for….

meaning of aviva pure

AVIVA”: symbolizes Springtime or renewal; new growth, or new life being born. Spring is the time of year we are open to inviting change - both small and big - into our lives.

PURE" : found in nature in its elemental form. Completely free from contamination or extraneous elements.

Aviva Pure products are truly organic beauty products in their purest form with 100% transparency of every ingredient. When we say “natural”, we mean entire product. No artificial chemicals, dyes,  sulfates or silicones.

“Aviva Pure" It’s more than just a name. It’s also part of our bigger plan...

aviva pure one tree for every order philanthropy

One New Tree Planted For Every Order

Aviva Pure partners with One Tree Planted (non-profit 501(c)3) to plant one tree per every order we receive in key forests experiencing deforestation around the world.

Because we source all of our ingredients from plants and trees around the world, it is our mission to give back to the earth what we take from it. It is estimated that 80% of the world's forests have already been destroyed, meaning the time to make an impact is now! We’ve already planted over 500 trees and aim to plant 10,000 over the next couple years!

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