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Natural Micellar Water - Micellar Cleansing Water
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We’re endlessly fascinated by French women’s beauty routines—mainly because they make it look easy and effortless.

But when it comes to those glowing complexions, anyone who has visited a Paris pharmacy can tell you their secret:

Micellar Water

Micellar hydrates, cleanses and gently removes makeup with drying or irritating the skin.

What exactly is micellar water? Micellar water contains small particles called micelles. These micelles are hydrophobic and oil-loving - mopping oil, dirt, and makeup away while hydrating your skin. The reason micellar water is so popular in France is because of the common “hard water” in Paris, which is harsh on the skin. Micellar waters are super-gentle, so they won’t strip or irritate the skin while cleansing

  • Soap and detergent free, they can be used as a gentle makeup remover or as a no-rinse cleanser
  • Contain soothing and softening ingredients cucumber and chamomile water that contribute to the soft, clean feel they leave behind.
  • Lifesaver for late nights. Wipe a cotton pad of Micellar lightly over your face before sleeping, and you’ll wake up with clean, soft and hydrated skin.

Why Aviva Pure - FrenchCleanse - Natural Micellar Water?

We’ve developed a Natural Solution for Micellar Water - without the ingredients like:


That are commonly found in Micellar Water of Large Commercial Brands today.


Apply to cotton pad and gently wipe makeup and debris around eyes and face. Not necessary to rinse with water after.

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We offer a no questions asked, Double-Your-Money-Back 365 Day Guarantee. When we first announced this our competitors said we were crazy -- but if you're not completely satisfied with the way you look and feel from making the switch to our products, we will double your money on the amount refunded for your order. No hassles, no hard feelings.

Water, Aloe Vera, Chamomile Flower Water, Glycerin, Decyl Glucoside, Cucumber Extract, Marigold Tincture, Benzyl Alcohol*, Salicylic Acid*, Sorbic Acid* *ECO Certified Preservative

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