• Pure Tahitian Monoi Oil with Tiare gardenia Flower Scent - from Aviva Pure
  • Monoi Oil certification - Tahitian Oil for soft skin, protects and nourishes.
  • monoi oil for your skin, tanning and after sun oil. with tropical gardenia flower fragrance
  • monoi oil for your skin and hair, with tropical gardenia flower fragrance, from Tahiti
  • monoi oil for your skin and hair, with tropical gardenia flower fragrance, from Tahiti
  • monoi oil for your skin and hair, with tropical gardenia flower fragrance, from Tahiti

Aviva Pure Authentic Pure Tahitian Monoi Oil with Tiare Flower Scent


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Considered the sacred oil of the French Polynesians, Monoi Oil (Monoi de Tahiti Oil) is made by soaking the fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in Coconut Oil. Monoi Oil is known for its soothing and purifying effects on the skin. It is a treasure from the beautiful and tropical Caribbean!

Aviva Pure monoi oil comes from Polynesia, Tahiti. Best moisturizer for the skin.

Authentic Pure Tahitian Monoi Oil with Tiare Flower Fragrance

It is a wonderful blend of the Tiare flower (Gardenia Taitensis) and Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera). 
Monoi oil is created by soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias (best known as Tiaré flowers) in coconut oil.
Monoï (pronounced Mah-noy) comes from the Tahitian language and means "scented oil". 
The word "Monoï" is commonly used in French Polynesia as a skin and hair softener.

Along with Vitamin E, Monoi Oil makes the perfect natural skin protector against dehydration, the major cause of aging and wrinkles.

aviva pure pure monoi oil with tiare flower fragrance


  • Tiare flowers have long been used for their nourishing properties to treat skin ailments, moisturize the hair, and protect the skin from the harsh sun. 

  • Monoi Oil can be used as a skin and body moisturizer.

  • It is suitable and safe for all skin types.

  • Aviva Monoi Oil comes with a subtle added Tiare natural floral fragrance.

Monoi Oil is certified by the decree of Appellation of Origin

Our Monoi Oil is certified by the decree of Appellation of Origin, which guarantees authenticity and quality of the manufacturing process and ingredients.
This decree states that all ingredients are made in Tahiti (French Polynesia) and that a minimum of 15 hand picked Tiare flowers must be used in every liter of coconut oil.   

  • The oil is in liquid form and will be delivered with a dropper for an easy application.
  • It stays liquid above 76F.
  • If you place it into the fridge or keep it in low temperature rooms it will get firm.


On Body
Have a knob of oil in your palm of the hand, rub oil between hands and apply to skin, that is not completely dry from the bath or shower. Massage oil into skin.

On Face
Have 1 or 2 drops on your finger tips and apply gently in small circular movements into the parts of the face that need nourishing and softening.

As Sun and After-Sun Care
Use the oil for sun drenched skin for nourishing and hydrating it. Apply a small amount of oil on skin after sun bathing. To use Monoi Oil before sunbathing is only recommended for skin that is used to sunshine as the oil intensifies tanning! It does not have any sun protection, so avoid to be in the sun when it is the strongest and/or use additional sun screen.

monoi oil protect the skon against sun burn - aviva pure monoi oil


Damp Hair

Pour some oil into palm of the hand, rub into both hands, spread evenly over hair and massage gently. Leave the oil for at least 15 min. Wash hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly. Recommend once per week.

Hair Mask
The mask should stay on over night, so application should be before going to bed. Apply a good amount of oil on dry hair. Cover with a hair cap, cellophane or a towel (make sure that it won't leek and that your bedding is protected).
The next day wash your hair as usual, rinse thoroughly.

Hair Ends
Apply a few drops to the ends of the hair before you wash it. Let sit for 5 minutes or longer, depending on the strength of your hair.
  • Amount: 4oz or 118 ml
  • 1 dropper is included
  • Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil)
  • Gardenia Taitensis (Tiare Flower) Fragrance 
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • Original Product of French Polynesia


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
lovely oil

I really did not know what to expect. I saw a lotion recipe that called for this and did some reading and looked for the best reviews. I ordered this, it arrived promptly. I have not used it in a recipe, but by itself I used it on myself. It is very nice. I love the fragrance and the feel. Absorbed into my skin well, not sure if I will put it in products for others OR just keep it for me.

Thanks Diane for your review. Our Monoi Oil comes directly from Tahiti.
Monoi Oil

This is one of my favorite AVIVA PURE products! I use it from head to toe. Love the way it make my skin and hair feel and the smell is heavenly! Thank you AVIVA PURE!

So glad to hear you are enjoying our Monoi Oil. That's a great idea to use the product all over your body to help with your skin! We love the smell too! Thanks again!
I would like to reserve

I would like to reserve my comments until after I actually try your produc. It smells great though. There aren't any directions. It says on the label contents may liquefy above 75 degrees. Does that mean, it's ruined, if that happens? Can it be stirred, to bring it back? When I opened it, it was already like that.

Hi Lisa, since the Monoi Oil contains primarily coconut oil, it will transition from a solid to a liquid when the temperature rises above 75 degrees. This is perfectly fine. It's the equivalent of water going from a liquid to ice. Let use know if you need further clarification. Thanks!
Best ever!

I purchased The Monoi Oil and it is fantastic! When I was in Tahiti years ago I experienced the skin softening of using their products. Using the Aviva Pure Monoi de Tahiti Tiare was exactly the same experience. I'm addicted!

Hi Joyce, great to hear you are enjoying it. Monoi Oil is known to provide many excellent benefits for skin. Thanks!

I purchase this product for my Mother. She loves the gardenia scent and uses it as moisturizer skin and for hair.

Hi Liz, happy to hear your mother enjoys the monoi oil. It does have a wonderful scent. Thanks!

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