• face serum with japanese camellia oil, CoQ10 serum for wrinkles and fine lines, anti-aging facial serum oil
  • anti-aging facial serum containing Camellia Oil, coQ10 serum for fine lines and wrinkles, serum for mature skin

Aviva Pure Japanese Anti-Aging Face Serum - For Fine Lines



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The Secret of Youthful Skin

Often described as having flawless, youthful skin, Japanese women have long been the role models for luminous skin.

How do they maintain their porcelain-like skin well into their later years? What are they doing differently from the rest of us that allows for such great preservation of beautiful, youthful skin?

camellia flower anti-aging serum from aviva pureIt comes from the Japanese Camellia flower that is native to southern Japan. Another name would be "Rose of winter", and Tsubaki in Japanese. 
The name "Tsubaki" is shortened from "tsuya-ba-ki" or "shiny leaf tree". The flower blooms in winter.

This special Japanese Camellia Oil is extracted from the camellia seeds.
The Camellia oil is responsible to create the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese skin for many centuries.  
Approximately 82 percent of its fatty acids are composed of oleic fatty acids (or Omega-9). Omega-9 is remarkable for retention and enhancement of skin moisture. camellia oil serum is the ultimate anti-aging face serum by Aviva PureIt is able to penetrate deep into the lower layers of skin and greatly enhancing cell growth to give skin support and flexibility.

We combined a hand selected blend of pure oils in this natural anti-aging facial oil that works perfect on fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Improves smoothness and softness of your skin. Skin will feel smooth and supple, well hydrated.
  • Helps lessen the appearance of aged skin, so fine lines appear plumper and skin takes on a more youthful look.
  • Fast-absorbing Serum. It is non-comedogenic (won’t cause breakouts).
  • The change in your complexion will be sure to draw the attention of others.
    Key Ingredients:

    Camellia Oil -  Sea Buckthorn Oil -  Evening Primrose Oil

    Suitable For:
    • Dry Skin
    • Mature Skin
    • Use after cleansing and before using a moisturizer to lock in ingredients.
    Also Contains:

    Rice Bran: The topical application of Rice Bran has recently been shown to keep the skin well hydrated in adult volunteers, increase hydration by 141% over the placebo after topical application of Rice Bran Ceramides.

    CoQ10: Supports, protects and repairs collagen found in skin, and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, thereby delaying the signs of aging. Useful for dry, damaged, chapped and broken, as well as mature/aging skin. According to Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg, Germany, the team of Scientists found the topical application of CoQ10 to help delay the appearance of expression lines and can prevent premature aging.
    The study showed that CoQ10 helps to reduce the loss of skin structural protein collagen that occurs naturally as we age, suggesting products that contain CoQ10 can make it firmer and tighter.

    Use the natural anti-aging facial oil in the mornings and evenings as part of your routine. Apply to damp skin after cleansing.

    Aviva Pure anti-aging face oil & serum before after photos

    • Rice Bran Oil
    • Pure Japanese Camellia Oil
    • Borage
    • Squalene (natural anti-oxidant)
    • Pure Pomegranate Oil
    • Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil
    • Pure Evening Primrose Oil
    • CoQ10
    • Vitamin E


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    Girls Best Friend facial moisturizer

    Love this. Put on in am and it soaks right in. Do not feel like I have to keep applying throughout the day, skin stays moisturized!

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