Speed Up Your Natural Hair Growth with this Simple Method


0:08 - What regular hair treatments lack in order to achieve faster results.
0:15 - How the use of heat can dramatically increase the impact of any hair treatment
0:24 - Why this method can make your hair grow much faster
0:38 - How I apply my hair treatment evenly
1:05 - How to prepare the Thermal Heat Cap for use
1:27 - Benefits of using a Thermal Heat Cap
1:59 - How long I like to leave my hair treatment in
2:10 - How to properly rinse out an oil hair treatment to not have any oil residue
2:30 - This is how my hair looks after rinsing out the hair treatment
2:42 - Look how easy it is to brush through, it's like silk!

Hey guys! Today I will demonstrate how to dramatically improve the impact of your hair mask, deep conditioner, or any other leave-in treatment.

These types of hair treatments work great, but the only thing lacking for achieving faster results is the use of heat.

When heat is used, the hair cuticle is able to open up which allows for the hair treatment to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and nourished hair. This allows for a much faster repair of damaged hair and to hydrate the scalp and hair shafts to promote faster hair growth.

Now I will demonstrate how to use the thermal hair cap with an organic hair mask.

use thermal heat map with hair mask

First, start by applying the hair mask to your scalp.

Now that my scalp is covered in the oil, I'm going to continue with the midsection all the way down to the ends.

Next I'm going to put on my shower cap.

hair cap with thermal cap

The easiest way to do this, is to simply grab your hair as if you were to do a bun. So I'm just going to twist it a little bit and then it's really easy to put the shower cap on, like so.

Next, I'm gonna grab my thermal heat cap and put it in the microwave.


You want to microwave this with the rubber band up on one side for about one minute and then simply flip it inside out and place it in the microwave for another minute. Once it's heated up, you wanna give it a good shake so the heat is distributed evenly, and then you just simply place it on your head.

Speed Up Natural Hair Growth With a Thermal Heat Cap

Once again, make sure that everything is tucked in neatly, and don't worry about the thermal hair cap getting dirty because you're wearing the shower cap underneath.

And the best part about this is obviously that requires no plugs, no cords. I can move around while deep conditioning my hair. I can watch some Netflix, do my nails – whatever, and I won't have to worry about this.

And let's not forget that it looks really cute. The thermal hair cap stores the heat for at least 45 minutes so this is how long I'm going to have my hair treatment on.

Alright, time to take it off! Now that the hair treatment has absorbed into the hair, we can rinse it out.

But note that when you're rinsing it out, apply the shampoo onto your hair before you wet it. It will lather a little bit and then when you add water it lathers some more and when you rinse it out it will take away all of the oils with it.

 before after results thermal heat cap

So this is how my hair looks after rinsing out the hair treatment. It feels amazing, it feels so nourished and strong. I can even tell that it's hydrated all the way to the ends. And now it's so easy to brush through, its like silk. It's just amazing!

Are you ready to speed up your natural hair growth? Learn more about our Thermal Heat Cap.

Matt Dye
Matt is the founder of Aviva Pure, a leader of organic beauty. He specializes in providing health and wellness tips in order for people to look and feel their best.
Since July of 2015, Matt has helped Aviva Pure plant over 400 trees in key forests around the world. He currently lives in Columbus, OH.

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