My 2016 Winter Morning Beauty Routine


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0:15 - The first thing I do each morning
0:25 - My favorite cleanser for sensitive skin
0:37 - My secret to hydrated skin all day
0:46 - The go-to winter time moisturizer
0:56 - How to instantly look like you've had 8 hours of sleep
1:10 - Current breakfast obsession
1:37 - Why you don't see any coffee stains on my teeth
1:54  - Simple winter time makeup for brunettes like me
2:13 - Cute OOTD
2:19 - How I brush my hair to not cause any damage
2:23 - My trick to never have any split ends again


Following a skin care routine is important if you want healthy looking skin as you get older.

Easier said than done – right?

There are so many products to chose from, styles to pick and price ranges to go with.

One thing that was important for me when I hit my 30s was that my routine should be as natural as possible. I don't want to slather tons of chemicals on my face.

So rather than piling on what the drugstore has to offer, I'm now religiously following an easy, natural and organic routine for healthy glowing skin.

winter morning beauty routine

Apart from my skin, I am of course also paying a lot of attention to my hair, teeth and gums – I want to keep my pearly whites even when I'm old!

The first thing I do each morning is grab a shot of Cocopull. I've gotten so used to the whole oil pulling procedure, I barley notice the oil in my mouth anymore. I just pop it in first thing in the morning and swish the coconut oil around while I'm getting ready for breakfast.

oil pulling first thing in morning

Next up I wash my face with the  Cleopatra Renewing Face Wash. This is a very mild and gentle cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin because it is oil based.

To make sure the moisture stays locked into my skin all day, I follow with the Line Away Face Serum. One to two drops are enough. I warm the oil in my hands and then gently pat it onto my face while it is still damp from cleansing. The effect is stunning: plump and youthful looking skin!

face serum for dry skin in winter

Because my skin needs a little extra moisture during the colder winter months, I like to use the Maximum Moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated all day. It melts into the skin so quickly, making it an ideal base for any makeup.

And let's not forget the eye area! The skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive, it requires a little more of my attention. For the daytime, I use the De-Pull Daytime Eye Cream. I gently tap it around my eyes with my ring fingers.

eye cream winter routine

Now with my skin care routine done, it is time to spit out the Cocopull, rinse with warm water and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Fruits are a must for me!

To maintain the whitening effect of the Cocopull Teeth Whitening Kit, I brush my teeth twice a day with the CharcoWhite Whitening Toothpaste. It contains activated charcoal which helps to remove stains from my morning coffee.

charcowhite for teeth morning routine

After breakfast I head over to my makeup desk and apply a light and natural winter time makeup. Rusty brown tones are my favorite right now. Then it's time to get dressed in a cozy winter sweater and take care of my hair.

When it comes to my hair, I've noticed less is more. I also don't like to fuzz around with it too much, as any kind of heat damages it.

Therefore I only use my flat iron or curling wand for special days. I also pay a lot of attention to the way I handle it: no rough pulling but gentle strokes with the brush from the bottom up.

As a final touch, I rub a small dab of the Avocado Coconut Rosemary Oil Hair Mask between my fingers and run it through the ends of my hair. One last brush through and I'm done!

rub coconut oil on ends of hair in winter

This is my entire winter morning routine. As you can see, it is kept fairly simple and natural. Because it is so simple and quick, it is much easier for me to stick with it.

What does your morning routine look like? Do you have any tips you'd like to share? Comment below!

Matt Dye
Matt is the founder of Aviva Pure, a leader of organic beauty. He specializes in providing health and wellness tips in order for people to look and feel their best.
Since July of 2015, Matt has helped Aviva Pure plant over 400 trees in key forests around the world. He currently lives in Columbus, OH.

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