How to Oil Pull With Coconut Oil (and get rid of your hangover)


What if I told you that by doing a simple swish every morning, you could have the following:

  • Brighter, Whiter Teeth 
  • Bad Breath Prevention
  • Increased Energy 
  • Hangover Relief
  • Clear and Glowing Skin

Luckily for you, this is possible with coconut oil pulling.

Coconut Oil pulling has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for nearly 3,000 years. It works by pulling the toxins out of the gums. These toxins are a major cause of plaque, bad breath, and other body stressors. The mouth is a direct gateway to the rest of the body, and research has shown the link between gum inflammation and other harmful body conditions such as heart disease and a weakened immune system.

Here’s an infographic demonstrating how to oil pull with coconut oil:

How to Oil Pull With Coconut Oil (and get rid of your hangover)

Are you ready to try oil pulling with Coconut Oil? We have created COCOPULL, a 14 Day Coconut Oil Pulling Detox. Each box comes with a supply of 14 individual coconut oil packets. These packets are perfect to take on the run, and include peppermint oil for added flavor. Click the link below to learn more about Cocopull.

 COCOPULL - 14-Day Coconut Oil Pulling Detox for Healthier & Whiter Teeth.

Matt Dye
Matt is the founder of Aviva Pure, a leader of organic beauty. He specializes in providing health and wellness tips in order for people to look and feel their best.
Since July of 2015, Matt has helped Aviva Pure plant over 400 trees in key forests around the world. He currently lives in Columbus, OH.

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