Build your own Hair Mask and have it delivered straight to your doorstep!


 It seems like everywhere you turn nowadays someone is telling you what to do.

"10 ways to be a better parent."

"21 things every relationship must have to be successful."

Society seems to be always telling us what to do. And that's why when it comes to choosing what you want to put on your hair, the choice should be YOURS!

So we created the option to customize your own Hair Mask. Take a look below:Build Hair Mask


It's that easy. Choose from 21 different organic oils and powders and customize your mask specifically to your desired outcome. Learn more about our Create Your Own - Vegan Hair Mask


Matt Dye
Matt is the founder of Aviva Pure, a leader of organic beauty. He specializes in providing health and wellness tips in order for people to look and feel their best.
Since July of 2015, Matt has helped Aviva Pure plant over 400 trees in key forests around the world. He currently lives in Columbus, OH.

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