One Dollar, One Tree - Aviva Pure and One Tree Planted

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with One Tree Planteda non-profit organization that provides the ability for individuals, businesses and organizations to easily plant trees throughout the world.

We will donate one dollar per every order we receive, that will go directed towards planting a new tree in key regions such as the Amazon Rainforest, Indonesian Forests, African Forests and the Boreal Forest. 

With every one of our beauty oils coming directly from the earth, it is important for us to replenish what we take. It is estimated that 80% of the world's forest have already been destroyed, meaning the time to make an impact is NOW! 

 One Tree Planted is also directly involved in the Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign. The objective is to plant at least one billion trees worldwide each year. Since the Billion Tree Campaign was launched in 2006, they have planted over 12,000,000,0000 trees, with another 13,000,000,000 pledged to be planted. 

One Tree Planted is also on a mission to provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees and our ecosystem. 

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